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Valentine's Day Sale

Save on 2-Person Supplies!

You have each other for better and for worse, but we're here to help when things get much, much worse. From now until February 19, 2021 we're offering deals on all of our 2 person survival kits, as well as our most popular food kits for couples!

Premium 2 Person Emergency Kit
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72 Hour Kits for Two

2 Person Essentials Survival Kit

Essentials 72h Kit

$109.95  $84.95

This kit is exactly what it sounds like - the essentials! An excellent starting point for couples starting on their emergency preparedness journey, or working with limited budget. This kit has room for personal additions in the backpack.

2 Person Urban Survival Kit

Urban 72h Kit

$197.95  $174.95

This is one of our most popular 72 hour emergency kits. It comes with everything 2 people need in an emergency and features a solar/crank radio and flashlight. Makes an excellent go-bag, get home bag, or short-term shelter in place kit.

Premium 2 Person Emergency Kit

Premium 72h Kit

$379.95  $324.95

Designed in-house by our seasoned emergency preparedness professionals, the Premium 72 Hour Kit is designed to have it all. The biggest change? Say hello to self-heating, satisfying, high-calorie meals - no stove required.

Couple's Week+ Kits

1 week 2 person kit display-2

1 Week Kits

$459.95  $425

In BC, government recommends preparing for a minimum of 1 week if you live in an earthquake zone (Vancouver Island or lower mainland.) These kits are designed with these recommendations in mind.

As calorie bars are not recommended beyond 72 hours, we've equipped this kit with delicious freeze dried meals. These tasty options have a 25 year shelf life so you can rest easy knowing you're prepared for a good, looooong time.

2 Person 2 Week Kit display - smaller

2 Week Kits

$729.95  $675

Looking to prepare for a longer emergency? This is the kit for you! Complete with freeze dried food, a toilet bucket, and everything in between, this kit is perfect for those living in rural areas that might take a little longer to receive relief/emergency services.

This kit shares a strong resemblance to the 1 week version, but with additional freeze dried food, cooking stove fuel disks, water, and - everybody's favourite - the complete toilet kit. This is our best kit for Sheltering in Place.

Freeze Dried Food

Bucket Pouches Meal combo

Legacy 60 Serving Combo

$234.95  $215

1 week of freeze dried food for 2 people, this bucket boasts a great variety of breakfasts and entrees. This number is based on 1,600 calories per person each day. Like all of our Legacy buckets, these options have a 25 year shelf life and are vegetarian. They are made with no added MSG and are non-GMO. Stroganoff, anyone?

240 Serving Legacy Package

Legacy 240 Serving Package

$719.95  $699

A pair of buckets for the perfect pair of people! This package is from Legacy Food storage, which means you are getting the largest serving sizes and the lowest cost per pound in the premium food storage industry. 240 servings is enough food for 2 people, for 2 weeks, eating 1,600 calories per day.

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A very happy camper. Good products, good prices, fast delivery. Doesn’t get better than that. I will shop here again and I recommend this business and the products sold here, to everyone. Time to get that emergency kit together. B.G.